Magnesium oxides MagChem® 10 (all grades)

Hard Burned Technical Grade Magnesium Oxides

DESCRIPTION MagChem® 10 are high purity technical grades of magnesium oxide produced from magnesium-rich brine. They have relatively high bulk density and low reactivity. The granular grades are essentially dust free.


USES Milled MagChem® 10 grades have a combination of low reactivity, high purity and fine particle size, which makes them suitable for the production of magnesium salts, particularly in reactions with strong acids. They also find applications in fibreglass, aluminium metal processing and fuel additives.

Screened MagChem® 10 products are widely used as a raw material in manufacturing refractories and ceramic products.

COMPOSITION Typical Specification
Magnesium Oxide, MgO                     % 98.2 97.0 min.
Calcium Oxide, CaO                           % 0.90 1.00 max.
Silica, SiO2                                          % 0.40 0.50 max.
Iron Oxide, Fe2O3                               % 0.20 0.30 max.
Aluminium Oxide, Al2O3                       % 0.10 0.20 max.
Chloride, Cl                                        % 0.01 0.02 max.
Sulphate, SO32-                                   % 0.01 0.02 max.
Loss on Ignition                                  % 0.25 0.50 max.


PHYSICAL PROPERTIES MagChem® 10 grades are available in a wide variety of screened and milled sizes, from a powder -325 mesh to a granular 6 x 16 mesh.

Loose bulk densities range from 65 to 120 lb/ft3 (lb/ft3 – pound per cubic foot)
(1,04 to 1,92 g/cm3)

                  Screened Grades              Milled Grades
Grade  Top Size   Bottom Size  Grade   Top Size Median Particle Size
% passing, min. % passing, max. % passing, min. microns
   6 x 16 98   -6 mesh 10        -16 mesh     -20*   96    -20 mesh            50
 12 x 40 95 -12 mesh 10        -40 mesh   -200   95  -200 mesh            10
  PR-30 96 -16 mesh 15      -100 mesh   -325   96  -325 mesh            10
 -325S   99  -325 mesh              9


PACKAGING Available in 25 kg multi-walled bags and big bags on shrink wrapped pallets, on request.
* Bulk carloads and truckloads only.


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