Whitening agent BLANCMIN ZA25

Whitening agent BLANCMIN ZA25: print specification

Chemical composition [%]:

Oxide Typical
ZrO2 + HfO2 16,5
SiO2 9,95
Al2O3 71,5
Fe2O3 0,04
TiO2 0,03
CaO 0,16
Li2O 0,14
MgO 0,28
LOI 0,8


Physical properties:

  • specific gravity                                                3,47 g/cm3

Homogenate product

  • screen analysis 45 µm                                    1,1% (typical)



  • whitening agent for porcelain bodies.


  • 500 – 1000 kg big-bags.


General terms:

product specifications are based on information given by our supplier as part of His Quality Assurance System. Nevertheless, that does not release customers from their reception controls. They must also practice their own tests to determine if product fits into requirements of the aim it is going to be used for.